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Rubber Covering
The core business of Vikas Rolls revolves around covering new and used rubber rolls. The company has been catering to the needs of domestic as well as international clients from past 35 years.

While manufacturing the rubber covers, the company takes many factors into account such as operating speeds, load, pressure, temperature, friction, medium etc., the characteristics of the end product and the hardness of the cover material.
PU Covering
Vikas Rolls is proud to have the latest technology for polyurethane covering, “Ribbon Build System”. Our versatile range of PU covers delivers exceptional performance as compared to rubber and conventional polyurethane covers.

Our PU covers assures reduced downtime for roll changing, excellent abrasion and tear resistance, extreme compressive strength and outstanding compatibility with solvents and acids.
Core Manufacturing
We are a trusted name for more than three decades for precision OEM and end user of custom rollers. Unmatched expertise from the beginning to the final delivery of the products is the specialty of Vikas Rolls.

The company has achieved perfection in all the processes including material selection, machining, welding, balancing and finishing.
Regrinding of roll covers results in faster turnarounds than a complete recover. Used rollers are also treated with equal importance.

The expert engineers in the company make sure that a regrinded cover returns to your line ready to perform most efficiently. It’s our constant endeavor to maximize cover life that will give value to the customers.
The balancing of rollers helps in extending roller life. It also maximizes the line speeds. Balancing results in longer covering life, reduction of bearing surface wear, decreased drag, increased control, and the ability to run webs at lower PLI.
In most of the cases worn rolls can be repaired to original specifications. It takes less time than manufacturing new rolls. It is also economical. Vikas Rolls makes use of a wide choice of welding alloys to build surfaces back to size.

Repairing can also be done by replacing broken roll journals. Just about every part of an existing roll can be repaired or replaced. We do a complete evaluation of every roll before any rework is begun.
Induction Hardening
When lowered through a series of electrical coils, the roll barrel surface is heated quickly leading into the quench box. A defined layer of uniform hardness is produced by the fast heat penetration of induction heating and immediate quenching. Internal stresses are minimized, as the necks and core of roll remain cool throughout the process.

This modern heat treatment technique leads to highly favorable metallurgical properties
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Hard Chrome Plating
Abrasion, Friction, Corrosion, Heat and Vibration are the most frequent causes of wear of Steel Rolls. Chromium plating resists the effects of these elements, by interposing a super hard, anti-friction, rust resistant layer between exposed surfaces, mating surfaces, and their surrounding parts.